Friday Briefings in Real Estate

The hot winter has been heating up the market! According to Clear Capital’s recently released Home Data Index (HDI) report, there’s been a 0.7 percent increase in the Northeast, resulting in a majority shift toward positive equity. “While the expected spring housing boost is still months away, an influx of fresh new demand on the market could further boost growth potential later this year—as long as there are no other shocks to the market,” Clear Capital Vice President of Research and Analytics Alex Villacorta says. – RIS Media

New Condominiums have broken ground on Newark Ave. in Downtown Jersey City! Local developer, Weingarten Group, will be adding 45 new units to Downtown’s condominium inventory- providing the eclectic neighborhood with other living options, aside from renting. Dan Pelosi will be marketing the property along with fellow Weichert agent, Irene Barnaby. – Jersey Digs

Lastly, a weekend isn’t a weekend without some fun! Check out these local hot spots offering everything from live entertainment, new Cajun dishes, booze & food tours and even some fitness fun! Jersey City ALWAYS has you covered. – Jersey City Upfront

Enjoy your weekend! – From all of us here at Hudson Gold <3