Hump Day News

Good morning Hudson County! Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with friends and loved ones <3 There’s a lot happening in the local news this week… and it’s only Hump Day!

Dullboy is once again, revamping its menu and we cannot wait to see what more delectable dishes they have in stored for us!

City officials are looking to revive a former factory for Emerson Radio. The new development could be called Emerson Lofts and the entire site could hold as many as 1,100 units.

The Port Authority has approximately $4 billion of PATH upgrades planned in its 10-year capital plan, but none of it appears to address the problem of overcrowding.

Fore more details on these local updates, visit Jersey City Upfront’s site.

In more news, local blogger Chicpea JC interviewed the creators and owners of Professional Restoration, a restoration company for fire, water, and mold remediation based in Jersey City. If you are looking to revamp your home, and or make repairs, but are on a budget, you might want to give this article a read.

And finally, it’s Hump Day! Check out these local Happy Hour Specials taking place this week. Happy Wednesday! 🙂